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6-week online boot camps to help you run your best mile


"I completed my final Mile Test in 7:52 and shaved 2 minutes off my baseline mile! The past 6 weeks have challenged me to think and run differently. I have never liked running hills until now. However over the past 6 weeks, the hill workouts were my favorite because I felt strong during and after the run. Normally I’m a slow and steady distance runner but from this boot camp have started to love running a fast mile."

Hannah S

"I was able to shave off 52 seconds from my mile time. Nick And Sierra made a personalized daily plan for each of us and provided very helpful videos with their expertise and plentiful encouragement each week. It has been a few years since I've run regularly and I have gained quite a bit of weight in graduate school, so this has boosted my confidence and got me excited about running again. The hill and circuit training was killer!"

Lindsey G

"I had such a great experience training. Not only was the training different than what I've done before, they did a fantastic job of keeping things interesting and tailoring it to specific skill levels. I always had encouragement and could share a bond with others from all over (New Zealand, USA, Europe) knowing they were doing the same thing as me each day. I improved my mile time by more than 1.5 minutes. I lost about 7 pounds and probably 2 inches in my waist. I definitely have noticed an improvement in my running ability, confidence, energy, and stamina."

Steve S