5 tips for your 5k (or shorter) race preparation

1. A good warm-up - Most runners don't get themselves warmed up enough before a race, especially for distances 5k or less. Wear an extra layer of clothing until as close to the race start as possible. Jog lightly for 10-15 minutes, do some high knee and butt kick drills, some dynamic stretching, and 3-5 run throughs (strides) of 70 to 100 meters at goal race pace. You want to time it right so that you have about 3-4 minutes of standing around before the start of the race. [...]

What's the healthiest way for runners to train?

Which is better for fitness development and health: aerobic endurance training or high-intensity interval training? This question has been the subject of debate among both health professionals and sports physiologists alike for decades. Each has unique metabolic benefits and can help you improve yourself in different ways. So which is better? Spoiler alert: both are good, and training like a miler gives you the best of both worlds! [...]

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