Q. Who is Miler Method for?

A. All abilities and experience levels are welcome. Runners, joggers, and beginners all can reap the benefits of mile training. Our online communities are diverse, and no matter how fast you run, your fellow boot campers can encourage you as you work through your individual training plan. Whether you're a 14.20 miler or a 4.20 miler, we would love to help you.

Q. How long does the boot camp go for?

A. Six weeks, ending with a one-mile time trial

Q. The next boot camp doesn’t start for a few weeks. What sort of training should I be doing before it starts?

A. Try and gradually build on the amount of running you have already been doing. For example, if you have been running 3 days a week for 30 minutes, try bump it up to 4 days a week, and extend your runs by 5 minutes per week (35 minutes the first week, 40 minutes the 2nd etc). Also do some simple leg strengthening exercises like squats, lunges and calf raises.

Q. There is a half marathon (or 10km) that I want to do, but is right in the middle of your next bootcamp. Will doing this race interfere with my boot camp training.

A. In your Miler Method training plan, you'll have a workout scheduled on the Saturday of each week, so, if you’re planning to race, you can just substitute your road race for the workout. Unless you have a half marathon scheduled on the penultimate weekend right before our final mile time trial, it shouldn’t have a negative impact on your training plan (might even help).

Q. I don’t have a track accessible for the track workouts. Can I still do the workouts on the road?

A. Yes, this is not a problem at all. You can measure out the distances prescribed using GPS, or a car, bike, measuring wheel, and get just as much quality out of your workout as on the track.

Q. If I get injured, or too busy, and can’t do my training, can I get a refund?

A. Yes, for the first 14 days of camp we offer a full refund. If you need to withdraw between days 14 and 35 of the boot camp, you will receive a credit towards a future camp.

Q. What type of workouts will we be doing?

A. Hill repeats, tempo runs, track intervals, and regular running.

Q. When I finish the boot camp, can I sign up for the next one?

A. Yes. In the two weeks between, we encourage you to have a break from hard workouts, and just do easy jogging to recharge and build up your base again.

Q. How is my training plan created?

A. We have you answer a detailed questionnaire on your recent running history, and have you run a baseline mile test. From this information, we customize and modify a training plan from one of our 20 templates Nick Willis has designed to specifically meet your needs.

Q. Does training for the mile mean I have to reduce my mileage?

A. No. The beauty of the mile is that it requires both endurance AND speed. If you’re a consistent runner, we’ll keep your mileage similar same as you have been doing, but just add more specificity to the days in the training week. Each day will have a different focus.

Q. What type of strength training will the boot camp entail?

A. Body weight and general strength circuits. You won’t need access to a gym or hand weights.

Q. I use the metric system, will I be able to understand the training plans?

A. Yes, we assign metric or imperial measurements on training plans depending on your preference.